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To provide customers with durable, reliable and delicate woodworking machines with updated technology and services in order to maximize customers satisfaction.


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Founded in 1973, HPC, with more than 25 years of experience in woodworking machine industry, has excellent reputation of its cutting-edge machines.

The head office is located in Kaohsiung, the largest industrial city in Taiwan. Howard Machinery also has subsidiaries located in major cities of china (Beijing, Dalian, etc), Singapore, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Agents in South East Asia form a good sales/service network. Besides, Howard Machinery is also the major agent representing Taiwanese woodworking machine manufacturers exporting to china.


What are our products/services



Howard Machinery Co., Ltd, also known as Hsin Pai Chiang Hong (HPC), is an experienced top-notch woodworking manufacturer specializing in manufacturing:
Howard Machinery also has strong expertise in


Our customers


Howard Machinery has customers from all over the world. Customers include:

  • Owners of saw mills and wood plants
  • Furniture manufacturers, wooden products manufacturers
  • Agents and machine buyers in related industries


Target Markets


Howard Machinery's current main target markets are South East Asia, China, Japan, and Poland. Machines are also sold worldwide.


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542 Ta-feng 2nd Road, San-min District, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 807

Tel: 886-7-3898526
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329 Shun-an Road, Luh-jwn Shiang, Kaohsiung Shien, Taiwan

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China Office
Beijing, China


Tel: 86-10-65971229


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812 Sargent Street, San Francisco, CA 94132, USA


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